During a time when we would normally all be out enjoying the season with our friends and loved ones, the statewide stay-home order has us confined to our homes or places of business. This may be a whole lot of bad news to us, but to our dogs, it just means more time with you at home! So, while we’re all doing our part and staying in, let’s show our dogs all the love they deserve! To that end, let’s also learn about how this global pandemic affects your dog, what different activities you can do, and how we at Escape can help you both out!

First we need to be aware of how this stay at home order affects pets.The fact of the matter is, the CDC is fairly certain this pandemic does not affect our beloved pets’ health. According to the website, other than a single case of a dog testing weakly positive in Hong Kong, the CDC states they “do not have evidence that companion animals, including pets, can spread the virus that causes COVID-19 to people or that they might be a source of infection in the United States”. This means that there is nothing to fear in spending as much time with our dogs as possible while we’re on lock down. This also means your dog can still see their friends at Escape!

We’re still open for business at both locations, drop off for daycare on weekdays and boarding by appointment only, and we’ve adapted our procedures to stay safe during the pandemic. We now offer curbside drop off and pick up; simply give us a call when you’re in the parking lot, and our staff will come to you! All staff members are all practicing not only social distancing, but also frequent sanitizing of hands, and regular disinfecting of surfaces and equipment. In the yard, it’s still all fun and games for the pack! With the sun shining and warming things up, it’s time for the pools to come out! If for one reason or another doggy daycare isn’t doable, however, there’s still plenty you can do at home to keep your dog entertained and happy!

Even during this lock down, as long as you are outside by yourself or with a family member, it’s still the perfect weather for taking your dog for a walk! We can all use the fresh air, and the dogs, at least, can collect the smells of the day. Just remember to keep 6 feet apart from other people who may be out at the same time. After a walk, refuel your dog with a healthy snack! Turn it into a game by hiding the treats, fill a Kong treat with peanut butter, or spread it onto a Licki Mat! Even snack time can be play time when you get creative! Of course, both humans and dogs surely agree that the best indoor activity is one on one cuddle time.

So, even through this time of turmoil, don’t despair! Our dogs are experts at keeping our spirits up through the worst of times, and now’s our chance to show them how much we appreciate them! Spend some time with your dog outdoors while following social distancing guidelines, make their indoor time as fun as can be, and when you can’t be there, we at Escape the Crate sure can! Though life after this pandemic remains uncertain, one thing’s for sure: our dogs will be there to guide us towards a bright, clear tomorrow!