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5 Reasons To Send Your Dog To Daycare

dog daycare boise idIf you work a standard workday (9am – 5pm), your dog will more than likely be home alone for a minimum of eight hours a day. This can be stressful on your pup for many reasons. That’s why more and more people are putting their dogs in daycare and loving it!

At Escape Canine Retreat & Spa in Boise, Idaho we have everything your furry friend could ever want or need to have the best day, everyday! Which is why we are one of the top dog daycares in Boise.

Here are five reasons to send your dog to daycare:

1. You Won’t Have To Worry About Your Dog Getting Into Mischief

This is especially true for puppies and adolescent dogs but even older more mature canines can get board and get into mischief. Dogs that are usually well-behaved could become destructive if they are alone for an extended period of time, and they could start chewing on things that are unsafe to ingest. If you send your dog to dog daycare, someone will be with them all day to make sure that they don’t get themselves into any trouble.

2. The Neighbors Might Appreciate It

I’m sure we all have that one dog in the neighborhood that barks non-stop and tries to rip your face off if you walk by his fence. Some dogs just have a tendency to bark frequently when they are alone, and this can be irritating to neighbors, especially if your dog is left outside. However, you won’t have to worry about your dog barking at your neighbors if they’re in doggy daycare.

3. You’ll Have Better Work Days

If you are constantly worried about your dog or need to leave work frequently to let him/her out it could be hindering your performance at work. Stress often reduces work performance, and worrying about your dog  all day can be quite stressful to some. So, having your dog enrolled in daycare could allow you to get more done during your workday! If you want to see what your pup is up to throughout the day, you can simply visit our website and watch them on our webcams.

4. Exercise & Socialization are Essential

Just like humans, dogs need exercise and socialization to stay happy and healthy. Being cooped up all day can take a toll both physically and mentally on your canine. If your dog is at daycare you can rest assured that he/she is getting as much positive interaction and exercise as needed.

Constant interaction with other dogs will also lower the chances that your dog reacts negatively towards other dogs outside of your home. It’s not uncommon for dogs to be socially “awkward” towards other dogs when they first arrive at daycare but after a few days they start to build relationships and realize that other animals and people are not enemies but are in fact friends.

5. You Won’t Need To Worry About Your Dog Having An Accident

It’s not uncommon for a well-behaved dog to occasionally have an accident if they are not able to go outside for a long period of time, but you’ll never need to worry about this if you send your dog to daycare. It’s also important to note that if your dog doesn’t relieve themselves often enough they could end up with bladder infections or other health related issues from “holding it” for too long.

In conclusion, there are so many other reasons why getting your dog into dog daycare is a great choice. If you are considering it but are still unsure stop by one of our locations and get a first-hand look at all the amazing things we have to offer.