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Why you should Choose Us!

We take great care to train all of our staff in dog behavior and proper play etiquette. This amazing knowledge allows our staff to mix and match the dogs into to the appropriate playgroups that will enhance their doggie daycare experience.

Each day the groups are selected to ensure that your dog is making new friends, learning proper play as well as being happy and comfortable. We have designed a schedule with learning in mind, which means we spend a part of everyday working on “group sits”, “recalls”, “boundaries”, and waiting nicely at the gates. 

lola and felix playing on yellow toy
lola and felix playing on yellow toy
lola and felix playng on yellow toy

Let Us Highlight Why We Are Truly Unique In What We Do!

Our groups are selected by play style and how comfortable they are in the group. We are all about balance and believe it is important for your dog to  Play, Learn and Relax    while they are here. Because we get to know your dog’s individual personalities and what makes them happy we are able to ensure each pup is safe and healthy

If your dog will be participating in group play, we require a Meet & Greet. Call to schedule or click here to make reservations.

Naps are scheduled for young pups, old pups and any dog staying over 5 hours. If you would like them to have a treat or lunch during their rest please let us know.

Swimming is included in daycare, and is with selected groups. We also offer several great ways to personalize your dog’s stay, visit the activities page for more information.