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Daily Activities

What did your dog do today? Let us know which of our activities you would like us to provide to enhance your pet’s stay at Escape Canine Retreat & Spa. We don’t just put your pet in a pen with all the other dogs. They get personalized attention to enhance their stay and keep you AND your pet happy!

dog walks


Let us take your dog on a 25-minute neighborhood walk to fulfill his natural exploring instincts. Plus, it helps to create a bond between our wonderful staff and your dog.

puppy snuggles

Snuggle Time

We’d love to snuggle your furry friend. It’s a great way to transition into sleep time. Schedule 20 minutes of personal snuggle time in his/her private sleeping area.

greenbelt excursions

Greenbelt Excursion

Want your pooch to have a little extra outdoor exercise time? Sign them up for our Green Belt Excursion. The excursion is a 2 hour trip to the Green Belt for a run or walk (this includes travel time).

bedtime treat

Bedtime Treat

Kong filled with peanut butter or pumpkin


One-on-One Fetch Time

Does your pup like to play fetch? Does your nightly routine include going out back to play with his favorite toy? Let us help make your dog’s stay more enjoyable with 20 minutes of uninterrupted fetch time.

dog scrapbooking


Want to see what your pup is doing while you’re away? We’ll send you 5 pictures of your dog via text or email during their stay!



We take your pup to the park for some “big time fetch” or off leash running. Our play areas are big, but sometimes they want just a bit more room. The excursion is one hour.


Wag N’ Swim

How about some swim time? Like play types are grouped together to have a wag-a-rificly fun time in our in-ground, heated salt water pool. Benefits of swimming include:

  • Increases endurance and muscle strength
  • Promotes flexibility
  • Relaxing and therapeutic
  • Builds confidence
  • … and it’s FUN

Wag n’ Swim is a solo option when sold as an activity. Swim classes coming soon! Because not every dog is born with the ability to swim!

*Joplin location only


Just Chill

Sometimes it’s nice to just chill. We make sure there is plenty of time for that too! Our time with your dog is tailor made.